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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Welcome New York Times readers!


I was really pleased to write an essay in this Sunday's New York Times entitled Is This the Time to Chase a Career Dream?

Despite so much conversation online and off about the death of traditional journalism, I was extremely honored to write for such a well-known and well-respected publication.  I learned so much through the editing process which reaffirmed what I have known for a long time:  while the structure of traditional media has to change, the craft of journalism is more necessary now than ever.

If this is your first time visiting my blog, I have been writing for nearly four years about how corporate employees can leave their jobs to start a business.  An introduction to the blog with a good selection of starter posts is here.

I also wrote a book Escape from Cubicle Nation:  From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur which is being released on April 30.

You can read the first chapter here: Download Ch 1 escape from cubby nation


And if you are ready to get started moving on your own creative plans, you may enjoy a new program I just released:  Life After the Cubicle:  A Quickstart Guide to Self-Employment.

Enjoy your Sunday, and I can't wait to hear about your own creative yearnings!

And if you read the NYT article and have a comment, please send it to the email at the end of the post.  I know they would love to hear your thoughts!


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Antonio Henriques

Hi Pam,

Thanks for the inspiring article you wrote in the NYT. I think that positive points of view about the changes we're facing today are very important to keep us fighting for our dreams.

As the coordinator of a group of "Ibero-American Young Leaders" I must write an article about the impact of the crisis on the generation that is just graduating now from university. You may know that most of us are very afraid of what we might find when looking for our first jobs. Yet, I believe that, although everything will be more difficult for us, we're blessed to have the opportunity to be inserted in a context that will be more open to new ideas and innovation. As the risk of not finding a job or being underpaid nowadays is higher, why not start our professional lives in our career dreams?


Wow, I loved reading the first chapter. Pam, you write so well on this topic. I'm looking forward to the book.


I've loved your blog and podcast for a while. Wonderful, very informative and inspiring. But...

Lately you suddenly seem consumed with making money. Some is fine. But that practically all I hear from you since your book has been available for pre order. Its coming across too money grubby and tarnishes an otherwise wonderful image.

You've had programs yourself where you talk about the importance of building trust and providing value. Yet everything I hear lately sounds like a money grab. It makes one question any recommendations or advice given as a facade really intended to make money.

It started with the free second book for the first 500 preorders. That's ok. Then an usually strong endorsemt to buy someones book. Sounded like your publisher made you do it. Them pushing some new $137 get rich quick (I mean quit your job quick) guide.

Meanwhile no new real content on the website. No podcast in months.

Its ok to harvest some good will for a buck, but don't uproot the whole garden for a one shot deal for cash.


Dear Anonymous:

Thank you very much for expressing your opinion.

Here is my take:

I have spent the last four years sharing all kinds of information for free on my blog and my podcast for people that I care about - folks in corporate jobs who want to start a business. I have made amazing friendships and partnerships through this process, and I am so thankful for my community.

I work with people who want to pursue their dreams and make money to feed their families. I have two toddlers, a 23-year old, and a husband. This year, my husband's construction business was really hit hard by the economy. So I stepped up on my side and grew my business, writing a book and creating programs that I am really proud of. This is in line with who I am and how I aim to serve the world.

When doing big projects like writing a book, it is true, it absolutely takes time away from the blog and podcast. This is a tough choice to make, since I really love sharing my thoughts on the blog. But to make a bigger impact in the world, and serve the family that I love so much, sometimes one side of the equation suffers. It will not be this way forever, for after the initial push for the book, my time will be more in balance and I can write more articles.

If the review you are referring to is for Ramit's book, I would never, for any price or any pressure, give a great review for a book that I didn't stand by. I have known Ramit for years, and was exceptionally proud to write the honest review that I did. He makes me very proud, and I am not afraid to say so. I am asked to review books all the time, and I only review those that I really stand by.

As for my program, if we ever get the chance to know each other personally, you will soon find out I run screaming from the "get rich quick" mentality. If you talk to any of my coaching clients, you may see that we focus on making meaning, working with integrity and ethics, AND making money.

I appreciate your perspective and thank you for sharing it.

I stand by all my work with pride, and believe that if I give all of my content away for free, all the time, that I am not showing a good example for my clients, or my readers at large.

All the best,



Dear Pam,
Congratulations! As with all your writing, your article was well-written and informative. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

Lawrence Mortenson

Congrats on today's NY Times!

Was a terrific article.


Denise Mironti

Congrats on your article - it is well written, informative and very timely for these economic conditions.

Hiro Boga

Pam, congratulations on writing for the New York Times! They're lucky to have your voice there. :-)

Speaking of which, I love the clarity, strength and integrity of your reply to the comment above, by Anonymous.

You do beautiful, necessary work, and you do it with an open heart. As an author and publisher, I know what it takes to write a book and launch it. It requires commitment, incredibly hard work, and making clear choices about your priorities.

Thanks for what you do, and for the inspiration and support you offer.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge, insight, and life's work with us. Good for you to make some money doing what you love--and lucky us to have you as a resource. Your path is solid, keep walking it!

Never anonymous,
Shanna :)

TheGirlPie (retry from 9:20pm)

You are one class act, missy!

From your smart-funny-optimistic totally-in-touch piece for the NYT (OMG! And the SUNDAY! WOW!) to your brilliantly graceful excellent-example-of-dealing-with-comments -- you really walk the talk. Power to ya, man ~ you rock. (And you have for YEARS.)

~ GirlPie


Yes! Wooo hooo and congratulations on being published in the New York Times :) Can't wait to read the book.

Also I'm struck by this giant topic of *shame* surrounding being paid for helping people (vs other types of work). Lots of interesting stuff there, and I appreciated your response.


Congrats on the essay! Its was a great read and I am passing it along. I look forward to reading more from you.


That is something awesome to write for the NY Times. I cant get a copy due to geographical restrictions, is there a way to read the paper online?


Great article, Pam! And I don't think you sound "money grubbing." I suggest to your anonymous critic that s/he consider a private, non-anonymous message as a more civil approach to expressing such reactions. The way I see it, you are working hard to widen your community, which allows you to help more people. I'm sure most of us here wish you financial success in the process, at least so that you can continue to help us, and also because we wish you well.

Also, people who haven't published books may not realize how much of the burden for promotion falls upon the author.

Carol L. Skolnick, Clear Life Solutions

Congrats and kudos to you. And money too - heck, you work hard for it! No need to explain yourself to the naysayers.

Andy Pels


You must now have contacts at the New York Times. Please pass on to them my congratulations. They have had a rough time the last few years and I'm sure this article from you helps a bit.

life coach jen

Congratulations on your article! My mom sent it to me and I said, "Oh my gosh! She's a master certified Martha Beck coach and teaches part of the Life Coach training course!" How incredible this is!


How wonderful to have an article in the Times! I follow you on Twitter and know how hard you worked on your book, so I'm excited that you are launching this month! (I also LOVE your podcasts.)

It is very interesting to see a reader criticize you for a perceived focus on money. I enjoyed your reply. As a blogger and coach myself who offers a ton of content online and via Twitter for free, I often find that readers expect free (but personalized) services. Especially when I offer to OVERextend myself...Instead of saying thank you, they send more material for me to review and have more questions! (But can't "afford" to hire me.)

I think that people need to realize that we should not have to apologize for trying to earn a living for our expertise and work!

Thanks for all you do and for your generous heart and spirit, and good luck with everything going forward!

Richard Baum


Great Times article. I work with many people who are challenged in finding traditional work for various reasons. It is gratifying to see the look of hope in their eyes when they realize that they can pursue the American dream.

Would love to interview you for an article for my column on Examiner.com.

Coach Outlet Online


Coach Outlet Store Online

That sounds great!

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