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Tuesday, 07 April 2009

Personal branding insight from young expert Dan Schawbel


I will never forget reading Tom Peter's article The Brand Called You in Fast Company Magazine in August 1997.  Growth in Silicon Valley was sizzling hot, and the fresh perspective on personal marketing was totally new and exciting.

25-year old Dan Schwabel felt the same thing when he read the article, although it was many years later, when he stumbled upon it on the internet.  According to Dan, it summed up what he had been doing in his own education and career since Junior High.  So he made the decision to become the personal branding expert for the new generation.

Today, Dan releases his first book on the topic, called Me 2.0:  Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success.

I interviewed him in a 23-minute podcast where we discuss:

  1. How to build your own personal brand
  2. Can you still build a strong personal brand if you are no longer a young whipper-snapper?
  3. How to maintain focus in a busy life
  4. How to start small and grow your visibility in national and global markets

We can all learn from Dan's focus, drive and determination.  He is, like my other young mentors Ramit Sethi, Ben Casnocha and Shama Hyder, showing that experience is not the only thing that builds a great brand.

Listen to the interview here and grab the book!

Congratulations Dan on setting a great example for us all by living a full-contact life.


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yinka olaito

ME 2.0 is a great book with insights that promote personal effectiveness,personsal discovery,how to generate maximum values from what makes You "You".
It is a must for everyone that desires relevance irrespective of age, colour, background.


The book does seem quite interesting. Sure a worthy read for all of us bloggers who are trying to make our own brand.

seth g

Pam -- this is a great book indeed... but check the spelling on the author's last name... :)

Ack! So sorry!

I hit send too soon. :)



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