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Friday, 06 June 2008

Have a great product idea that you want to bring to market?



Are you a garage inventor with a great new gadget that you would love to see grace the shelves of stores worldwide?

For fun, why don't you try out for the PBS show Everyday Edisons?  (You may note that this follows my "Do something wacky" recommendation in my previous post about re-juicing creativity)

For the first time, they are opening the audition process to the internet, and inviting people to pitch using video.  The submission process is from June 2-23, 2008.

Here is a promo snippet for their show: (link here in case you can't view)

To register, go here and click on the "live product search" box in the right-hand corner.

Good luck -- how fun would it be to see you on television?

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Thanks Pam!!

Starr Horne (Upstarter)

Thanks - This looks like it'll be a good show.

Mike Wilson

Hello there,

I've just found your blog (from a link on another "30 day challenge" blog) and I must say your writing style and articles are most enjoyable!

I've added you to my RSS feeds, and thanks for posting :)

Best Regards,


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