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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The joy of reading about another leap


Thanks to Lisa Solomon, I found this gem of a post from Danny Evans, author of Dad Gone Mad who expressed his joy at realizing his dream of writing books.


One night, about a year ago, I decided to quit dreaming.

Every day, every night, for 20 years, the dream was exactly the same – same props, same characters, same outcome. I could picture all of it with vivid clarity, but the fantasy never survived the transition from sleep to the real here and now. It burned up on re-entry. It lived only in the ether of my mind.

In the dream, I was an author. I wrote books. I spent my days on safari in my own imagination. I was satisfied. I was doing what I loved for a living, and that contentment permeated every hard, dark corner of my existence. Then suddenly I was awake again, and the reality that I was NOT the person in my dream washed over me like rain cloud.

So one night, about a year ago, I decided to quit dreaming. I sat down at my keyboard and began to write. I began to create the trappings of my dream in real life.

It has been the hardest year of my writing life. Rejection has reigned. Every small victory has been countered by enormous disappointment and despair. I have neglected friendships, responsibilities, family obligations. Phone calls and emails have gone unreturned. I have opened my soul to criticism, and I have convinced myself that this is my last best chance to accomplish something for myself – to escape the rut of cubicle jobs, financial desperation and career aimlessness.

Thursday morning, my agent called from New York.

“You have a book deal,” she said.

Just like that, the dream became real.

Read the rest here.

All I can say Danny is ROCK ON!  That is the best. 

Workplace warning:  f-bomb word in post (this and others), and in the comments.  Used in a fun way, but if your corporate filters will get mad at you for this, better to read at your home computer.  If you don't dig profanity, better take a pass.


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Andy Pels

Hi Pam,

How uplifting! And how great to know that the frustration and other bad feelings felt during the process can really lead to such an exciting success if we stick it out.
What is it about those copywriters and their cussing? ;) I found a copywriter's blog indirectly through you that I love, but I always feel like I have to call my mother and apologize every time I read it. Lots of F bombs, but fun.

Thanks again for the positive story. Now get back to work, Author.


That is hilarious Andy, I never thought about the copywriter/f-bomb connection. Maybe it is being forced to write chipper, market-friendly, advertising-heavy language all the time about products they don't care about that leads to profanity explosion once given an authentic point of view on a blog.

I will call your mother and apologize for sending you to f-bomb-loving resources. Then keep laughing like crazy at the content!

-(Author) Pam


That is it! I am going to make my dream into reality as well. why not? I have, and I know I have acheived in the past! We just need that push to do better and say what the "F" and do it!

Barbara Saunders

When I was in high school, I interned for two weeks in the copywriting department of my favorite radio station in NYC. They had just changed formats from album-oriented rock to top 40, and all of the employees were disgruntled. Lots o' f-bombs!

Paul Montwill | Sharingmatters.com

Pam, Great story. It is so motivating! It is like a big wall between 9-5 and working on your own. You need so much persistence and patience to go around it. We need to support each other in this everyday battle.

Patton said: "I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom."

Sometimes we hit bottom everyday and we need to stand up to fight.

"As long as you fight, you are the winner"

Good luck, people! :)


Just discovered your blog - love it!

Great post. I spend most of my time dreaming and just love letting my mind drift from one random thing to another....good job I am working from home!



Awesome and inspiring

Shama Hyder

This put a nice smile on my face. Thanks for sharing Pam!


How fantastic.... same as my dream, I wonder if it's a sign! :) Regardless, congrats to Danny!!


This was a very inspiring story and thank you for sharing it Pam. It makes us realize that we need to make our dreams a reality.

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