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Friday, 02 May 2008

Introducing Herdi'Oflo - Indonesian basketball star and hip hop singer


I have the coolest readers.

Just got an email from the very positive Indonesian entrepreneur/athlete/musician  Herdian Mohammad about the soft launch of his website.  http://herdioflo.com/ 

I love the flavor and spirit of his brand.  And having corresponded with him for a few years, I know he is a really nice person, committed to his country, family and entrepreneurship with equal fervor.

Congrats Herdi!

We can all learn from your passion and commitment.


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Thanks Pam for this site.

quick correction - the web address is:



Thanks Naomi! I'll fix it.


Shannon Tancock

Pam, you just continue to inspire me!! Thank you!


What I really love about the internet and what keeps me addicted year after year is this fascinating ability to tap into other people's life experience across the globe. People you would otherwise never know! And one person leads to another in a network spiral. Terrific interaction and a worldwide platform to meet like minds!

I shall head over to herdi's site pronto! Thanks, Pamela! :)


Hi Pam, just thought I'd drop by and share to you another blog that I run of Self Help & Personal Development. Tx for the inspiration as always!


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