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Friday, 16 May 2008

Have a cool setup in your home-based biz? Share it with BusinessWeek!

BusinessWeek Online was kind enough to ask me to share the following project with my blog readers, knowing that many of you work from home offices.

They want to create a photo essay of readers' standout home-based offices.

What exactly qualifies as "standout?":

" We are looking for unique spaces from which you run your home-based business today. Do you work from a tent on the beach, a tree house, or the back of a truck?

One of my favorite examples is of Kathy Sierra's office in an Airstream trailer


So if you work in a yurt (someday I will!) or even a very cool retrofitted basement, let BusinessWeek Online know!

Details for how to contribute your photos are found here.

Make sure to follow these specific guidelines:

Send us a brief description of your workspace along with one digital image no more than 1MB in size to onphoto@businessweek.com by May 30. Be sure to write "Home-based Businesses Special Report photo essay participant" in the subject line of your e-mail. Tell us what you do and what distinguishes your space from a conventional office. Remember: Entrants must be running their own home-based business on a full-time basis, and have been at it for a minimum of one year. We will feature a selection of outstanding work spaces in an upcoming

I have said it many times but will say it again -- the chance to get your business in front of mainstream media readers is one of the best marketing strategies there is!  Don't let the opportunity pass you by if you meet the criteria.   

Have a great weekend everyone!


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I'm interested in improving my home office, so this was interesting.

BTW, Business Week posted the winners here:

Coach Outlet Store Online

That sounds great!

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