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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Exceptionally rich and juicy post on becoming "lifestyle entrepreneur"

If you have been living in the corporate environment for a long time, it is easy to have the mentality that you must go from full-time demanding job to full-time demanding entrepreneurial enterprise.  This really doesn't have to be the case, as so clearly illustrated in a resource my buddy John Ahrens found (another example of a Twitter connection ... I tell you, all earlier skepticism about the usefulness of this service is GONE!). It is called Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and 40+ Resources.  It comes from Anywired, a blog I recently added to my blogroll.

This article aggregates some of the best thinking on designing a business around your desired lifestyle.  It is really juicy and I look forward to digging into the content.  Hope you do too!


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Akshay Kapur

Pam, what a link!! Getting through all the materials will be like reading a book that's a mix between choose your own adventure and short story. Maybe the next era of reading!?


I am telling you Akshay, I was blown away by this! So, so good. I agree -- it is the next gen of reading.


Colleen Wainwright

Skellie has quietly been becoming one of the best bloggers, pound for pound, of any out there in any category.

If you haven't dug into the archives, do. I send newbies there all the time.

liz lennon

Great site and thanks as always for your own postings that link me into other great places.

That's what it's all about.

It was cool to see Communicatrix commenting. Her site and blog are great fun.Just a quick note to her - the link under her comment doesn't take you to her site and that's a pity as it's worth a look.

I'll be sharing the Anywired link with my readers.

Always enjoy getting your posts in my email.

I'm a happy lifestyle entrepreneur.

I live in the country and visit clients in the city. I do work that is value driven and passionate.

I know what I want to earn a year (and it's not close to earth shattering) so I only take in paid work for about 1 or 2 days a week to reach my income target.

The rest of the time I do a lot of unpaid probono stuff; read books;play; spend time with the neighbours and am now developing a social entrepreneur project (pretty much unpaid right now)called SKIL2 http://skil222.ning.com

Life is good and blogs like yours give people at least the space to think about other options.


Sandra Mendoza-Daly

Thank you! I read anywired daily but I am glad you pointed out this blog post. This is right up my alley. I'm glad that it acknowledges the type of entrepreneur that chooses the lifestyle path. These profiles really match what I am trying to achieve with my ventures - the type of lifestyle I am trying to live.

Andre Blackman

Pam, thank you so much for pointing this out!

Tia Peterson

Hi, Pam! Your blog is awesome and this is one of those posts that makes this blog a "must-bookmark". I've already put some of the advice into action. I appreciate it! Thanks!


Thanks so much Tia!

I am so glad you enjoy the blog! Most of my best stuff comes from inspiration from readers, so I look forward to your input.

All the best,


Rosalind /WorkingWithChronicIllness.com

I almost never pass over your blogs - they're always helpful or at the least, fun to read! This one is right on point. I've been posting recently on job searching when you live with a chronic illness and this post is a real goldmine! I casn't tell you how many people with chronic illness long for the cublicle less life! Thanks, Pam

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