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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I finally broke down and signed up with Twitter

Snoopd_bigger_2 After publicly contemplating the usefulness of Twitter awhile back, I finally decided to just sign up and try it.  Enough people were touting the benefits that it seemed a fun experiment.

I am at http://twitter.com/pamslim for all you twitterers or tweetie birds or whatever you call yourself out there!

I think it was worth joining just so I could follow Snoop Dogg ...

"Whuts craccin - tha new CD Ego Trippin is out today go pick that up - ugotz2doit, chuuch!!!"

I have no idea what to do now that I have signed up, so if you have suggestions, lemme know!  ugotz2doit!



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I've come around on Twitter for both professional and personal reasons.

1. it's a great way to listen to your customers. See this post

and visit www.tweetscan.com

2. it helps build your "brand" by starting a conversation, see


Nathan Bowers

3. If you didn't register your name someone else would.

4. When you're giving a talk at a conference you better believe everyone will be liveblogging it via Twitter. Just ask Sarah Lacy about SXSW.

John Whiteside

Welcome to the Twitterati, Pam!

I wrote a post with some tips about getting started with Twitter - maybe you will find it useful:http://squarevox.com/2008/02/20/how-to-twitter/

See you there!


I also just started on the Twitter path. Good luck.

Luke Gedeon

Here is another helpful link http://www.webware.com/8301-1_109-9697867-2.html

d username message
Use this if you only want the user to see it.
@username message
Use this for most replies. It lets others join the conversation.

Other Tips:
Follow everyone that follows you. You can unfollow later, but they at least think you have something in common. One exception - http://luke.gedeon.name/how-to-spam-using-twitter-and-other-social-software.html

After you setup an IM to work with twitter, use the IM to send:
Track keyword
to see all tweets that use that key word. For example:
track entrepreneur
track entrepreneurship
track start-up
track rat-race

Ross Walker

Wow. Snoop dog twitters? Or is it tweets?

I caved last week and joined. I'm still skeptical.


I know Ross, who would have thunk it about Snoop dog?

Figuring it out too. I am finding it a fun distraction my first day. But I do wonder what to write ...

gross reality: baby's diaper exploded. spent 15 min cleaning up
more interesting to followers: reading michael gerber's new book

may the truth win!



You're being followed by letterk! I'm not sure if you use gmail or not, but I've found twittering through Google Chat to be very efficient.


letsgo kz Let's Go KZ

Corey Kossack

Hey Pam,

You should also check out Seesmic (www.seesmic.com). It has been called the "video twitter". I love it, although I think it will grow to be more useful over time as they begin to segment the audience into groups. When you get on Seesmic, look me up and we can talk over video! :)

David Wescott

Hey Pam - welcome to the tweet-o-sphere! The real key to this thing is finding the right people to follow. You learn a TON.

I'm @dwescott1 - looking forward to the conversation...


My pet nickname for twitter has been "asinine". I have yet to see a good reason to drop the moniker...


I still haven't signed up, I am resisting!

Chris Guillebeau

I skip out on the social networking scene for the most part, but for some reason I find Twitter to be useful and fun. I added you to my list-- feel free to do the same.


Congrats Pam. I actually @pamelaslim 'ed you last week after we spoke. Glad to see you've joined the conversation!

Erica Ross-Krieger

Yay! You're on Twitter now! It took me a month or so to find my own way of using it - to digest all the How To Twitter stuff, understand my own intention, and stick with a routine that works for me and supports the intention. Limited the amount of those I follow for awhile til I got the hang of it, added slowly, balance blurbs about my posts with everyday stuff. Now I <3 it:) I wish for you the same.
@EricaRKrieger on Twitter

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