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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Congratulations to another corporate employee flying the coop


I have to say that I LIVE for emails and blog posts like the following I got this evening from Paul Lefebvre:

Hi Pam,

Another happy reader here who has made the jump into their own business. Thank you for your blog; it was a great help.

This is my blog post about my change:



Paul Lefebvre
LogicalVue Software, Inc.

I am so thrilled that my writing helped Paul have the confidence to make the leap.  But if you read his post in detail, you will see the MANY great things he did which make his a perfect case study for all of us:

  • He tuned into his interests and tested a business idea
  • When it didn't pan out due to market conditions, he scrapped it but held onto the idea of working for himself
  • He spent lots of time immersing himself in a new area of interest, and not only learned about it, but contributed to the field by writing and speaking
  • He built an outside network while still working as an employee
  • He started consulting gigs on the side of his day job to test the market
  • He maintained a totally professional relationship with his employer, even opening the possibility of doing consulting for them after he leaves
  • He acknowledged the support of his spouse and kids, who obviously give him strength and support
  • He is building a business model which includes both products and services, which will give more flexibility and diverse income streams

I could go on and on.

Basically Paul, I am just exceedingly PROUD of you!

Thank you so much for inspiring us all.  Congrats on the birth of your business, and please let us all know what you learn in your first year as a full-time start-up!


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Thats a very cool story.

It mirrors mine in many ways as well.



Dan Schawbel

Just goes to show what people write on their blogs can have a lasting impact on others.

Paul Lefebvre

Pam, thanks for the kind comments; I'm flattered. I'll be sure to write regular updates on my blog.

Thanks again,

-- Paul

Hustle Strategy

Congrats, that sounds like a great path and that all the hard work paid off. Good luck on getting the products up and going.


Pam, keep posting these success stories. It's great motivation for the rest of us!

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