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Friday, 18 January 2008

Press request: Women over 40 who made career change without safety net

I just got an inquiry from a journalist looking for the following:

"Women who have made a successful career change "without a net" (meaning no huge financial savings or rich partner in the wings). The women need to be over 40 now (and either over 40 or near that when they made their career change). While it's not essential I would love to include one woman who is single, if possible, since career change without a partner raises many different issues. I'd also like to find someone who used a severance package to fund a career change. And it would be great to find someone who left one career for an actual "job" rather than an entrepreneurial venture.

Most important is to find a person with a great story to tell who is good at finding the tips and insights that will help others learn from her experience."

Does this sound like you or someone you know?  If so, shoot me an email outlining a few basic bullets:

  • Name of person
  • Age
  • A couple of sentences about the nature of the change, ie "professor to investment banker" or "administrative assistant to doctor"
  • Contact info (email, phone)

Send your messages to me at pcs (at) ganas (dot) com with the following subject heading:  No safety net.

I want to emphasize that the journalist is NOT looking for someone who made the change from corporate to entrepreneur.  That base is covered.

I'll collect the emails and send them on. It could be a great opportunity to share a good story.

Thanks and have a great weekend!


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Hi Pamela:

I just wanted to thank you for helping this journalist collect this information! My sis and I (both cubicle escapee wanna-bes) were just talking about how there are very few examples of entrepreneurs from the non-corporate segment of the population - like us. Unfortunately, as of yet, neither of us has a story to share - yet. I hope you can share some of what you learn? I would personally LOVE to know....I am working on my own story right now and need to hear others!

I love your column! As a fellow Phoenician, I especially appreciate that a "neighbor" has managed to make her own escape. That makes it seem more realistic.

Thanks Again!

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That sounds great!

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