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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Escape from Cubicle Nation layout is experiencing technical difficulties

I apologize to my blog visitors today -- with no provocation or re-design on my part, my blog layout is acting up for some reason.  I have never had problems with this before, so I am working with Typepad technical support to resolve it.

It must be related to the wonderful plug I got from Robert Middleton (and his mailing list of near 50,000 ) today -- isn't it always the case that technical difficulties arrive at the most inconvenient times?

Stay tuned, hopefully things will improve soon.



Update 8/15 early morning:  We are back!  Long, frustrating story that I am glad has come to an end.  Sweet dreams everyone!


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That sounds great!

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The part is a little technical, but they sure figure it out.

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