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Tuesday, 05 June 2007

Free-for-all escape your cube call Wed, June 6

For some reason, I keep forgetting to blog about our free monthly Escape from Cubicle Nation calls.  They happen the first Wednesday of each month.

This is a no pressure, participatory, open conversation among readers of this blog where we talk about whatever is on your mind related to escaping the cube and starting a business.  Support and ideas among participants is the best part, in my opinion.  Calls are recorded for those who sign up in case you can't escape your desk to participate in a mid-day call.

So please join us:

Escape from Cubicle Nation Q&A Free-for-all
Wednesday, June 6
3-4pm Eastern time US (GMT - 5)
To register, go here.

Make sure you follow instructions to verify your enrollment.  Hope to talk soon!


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