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Thursday, 03 May 2007

Opportunity to tell your great story of transformation from drone to happy camper

Videojournalist Every once in awhile, I get a call from press folks with interest in doing a story featuring members of my blog community.  I always love it, as it is an opportunity to highlight some of the great work that YOU are doing!  I have to maintain confidentiality out of respect for the source, but I will say that one such request last year generated a front-page story on the business section of a MAJOR national newspaper for one of my enterprising blog readers.  So here is the latest opportunity - let me know if it sounds like your story is a good fit!  As they say, all press is good press!

Summary of project:
The project is still in evolution, but it will basically be some web-based video stories of people who have planned for major life transitions and are either in or about to begin a new "dream" venture like opening up a cool business, retiring and doing something totally different than they did as an employee, or deciding to completely redesign their life, aka sell their high-rise condo in New York and go live in a yurt in Mongolia.

Desired characteristics for storytellers:

  • Aged 40-65
  • Dynamic storytellers that convey authenticity and enthusiasm on camera
  • Diverse, with the sum total representing different types of "dream ventures," as well as different genders and backgrounds
  • Cool stories to tell, that will inspire others to plan for and take risks to create a better life

If this sounds like you, please send an email to pcs (at) ganas (dot) com with the following info.  I beg you to follow the specific format I outline, because that makes it really easy to cut and paste as a summary for the press contact.  Call me lazy if you wish.

Title of email:  (Your name) Dream venture story candidate
Info within body of email:

  • Your name
  • Age
  • Summary of your "dream venture" transition.  What were you doing before?  What did you decide to do?  How did you plan for it?  Where are you in the process of your new venture now?  (this should not be more than a couple of paragraphs ... just hit the highlights)
  • Contact info:  Name, phone number, email address, website to new venture of applicable
  • Picture of you, preferably doing something with your new venture!

I promise to pass on all the submissions, unedited, to the contact.  If they are interested, they will get back to you.

Good luck, and please give it a try if you meet the criteria!  Something like this could be major exposure.

Update:  Forgot to say the deadline is end of day, Friday, May 11


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This applies to US residents only?

Pamela Slim

Hi Robert:

I think that they are mainly looking for U.S.-based stories. But if there is a great one that is outside the U.S., send it anyway, as one never knows!


Geoff Livingston

Too bad I'm only 34! I just signed a book contract. Cest la vie.

Hope you are well, Pam.

michael gibbons

I'm in you will have quite a story by Friday!

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