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Friday, 13 April 2007

Guy Kawasaki talks to me today about changing the world and avoiding market research


I really enjoyed my conversation with Guy Kawasaki this week, as we pre-recorded today's radio show on the topic of "Changing the world by empowering entrepreneurs."  It airs today, details below.

We talk about contributing meaning to the world through your ideas, how to express your idea succinctly, a primer on venture capital and the importance of getting going FAST.  He had some really interesting ideas about the value of market research ...namely, don't bother, which was kind of oddly comforting for someone like me who likes to take and idea and run with it by gut feel rather than by reams of confirming data.  Some of the rest of you may disagree wholeheartedly, so tune in, and let me know your thoughts after the show!

Date:  Friday, April 13
Time:  11am-12pm Pacific Standard Time
Topic:  Changing the world by empowering entrepreneurs
To listenClick here

If you miss the live show, you can always listen later, through the link above.  To download as an Mp3, you will have to click on the title of the show, which will bring up the "download as Mp3" option.

Enjoy your weekend!


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john newland

Pam, I listened to your interview via the podcast on Monday - I absolutely loved it! Thanks for a great new program. JohnOnSales

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