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Wednesday, 09 November 2005

Truly no strings attached free consulting resource

When I posted last night's entry Learn before you leap I forgot about a great free resource for budding entrepreneurs.

Service Corps of Retired Executives, or SCORE, is an organization that is affiliated with the Small Business Administration.  It provides extremely low-cost seminars on a variety of topics relevant for prospective or existing small business owners.  Its counselors are volunteers that are retired executives or small business owners.

But the best part?  Totally free counseling sessions on any issue that you need help with.  You could come in and talk about your new business idea and get some feedback.  Or you could get some help writing a business plan.  You could get assistance preparing your financials for a small business loan.  They are there for you as long as you need them, and for free!  This could potentially save you thousands of dollars of professional advice.

I have joined the Mesa, AZ chapter of SCORE and will be acting as their legislative liaison to make sure that local and state politicians are aware of this great resource for their constituents.


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